Heavy Duty Steel Pallets

What are the uses of steel pallets?

You can find steel pallets in construction, chemical, and export industries. You might use a heavy-duty pallet to transport products and parts safely and reliably. For example, steel pallets store heavy materials like large wood planks or metal sheets. Metal pallets make it easy for you to move these heavy materials around the facility and throughout the manufacturing process.

There are many advantages to using steel pallets. Steel is a strong and durable material that can withstand the weight of large loads over time without degrading or needing to replace the pallets frequently. Steel pallets can also withstand different environmental conditions, which is great because there are a lot of chemicals, dust, and other contaminants in the construction, chemical, and export industries. You can quickly move loads around the warehouse or stack them on top of each other, which improves operational efficiency.

What size are steel pallets?

Stackable metal pallets come in various sizes based on the configuration you need. For example, you can find a 48” x 48” metal pallet, a 36” x 36” stackable pallet, or a 42” x 48” stacking metal pallet. If you can’t find a standard stacking metal pallet you want, Davco Industries also provides high-quality custom pallets.

Our custom metal pallets feature high-quality steel that provides the flexibility and versatility you need to adapt to different storage and warehousing needs. These metal pallets fit perfectly into different equipment, such as cranes, pallet trucks, and carts, and are easily maneuvered around the warehouse into their designated spots.

What are the disadvantages of metal pallets?

Metal pallets are more expensive than other pallets, such as wooden pallets. Some manufacturers might opt for wooden pallets when they’re transporting lighter materials. The advantage to the extra cost is metal pallets are reusable, so you can use the same pallets multiple times before replacing them.

Stacking metal pallets are also quite heavy. It can result in more expensive transportation costs if you’re shipping by air. Steel pallets also require the right equipment to handle both the pallet and the load on top of the pallet.

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