Storage Wire Mesh Baskets and Bins

Davco Industries provides customers with heavy-duty wire mesh bins designed for all your warehouse storage needs. Whether you need industrial wire baskets to hold components, finished products, or materials, our metal bins can handle the load to help keep your warehouse and storage system organized.

These metal baskets are super strong, stackable, and collapsible and give you the flexibility to maneuver them however you want to fit your warehouse storage processes. Our metal mesh baskets remain durable when handled with pallet trucks, forklifts, shipping trucks, etc.

Our talented team specializes in working with steel to make high-quality metal products fitting various industry applications. We provide standard and custom metal basket solutions based on your specifications to suit virtually any configuration.

  • Made using the strongest industrial-grade steel for durability to withstand rough handling from warehouse and storage equipment
  • Fully welded for customizations to fit any configuration in your warehouse during storage or transportation
  • Complete customer service to ensure you’re satisfied
  • Vertical storage options are available to save aisle space
  • Optional high-density polyethylene (HDPE) dunnage available to protect materials
  • Optional heavy-duty casters for enhanced mobility are available
  • Delivered on time to your location

What is the purpose of a wire basket?

You can see wire storage baskets, otherwise known as GM5131 bins, in a variety of household and commercial applications. You use mesh baskets in your home to organize small items like towels, toiletries, toys, food, etc. In industrial applications, you can use metal mesh baskets or crane hoist bins to store construction materials, components, and finished products in a warehouse or storage facility. You can also use industrial wire baskets for shipping and transporting goods.

These collapsible baskets are sturdy, which makes them ideal for optimal warehouse and shipping storage. It improves warehouse productivity and maximizes efficiency because you can have better organizational processes that allow maximum storage. Our custom metal baskets can fit different configurations and include additional parts to suit your applications.

What is the standard size of a wire basket?

Wire baskets come in different sizes to fit various configurations. You can find 20” x 32” x 22”, 32” x 30” x 34”, and 40” x 48” x 42” flyable baskets made from 2” x 2” mesh patterns typically. If you can’t get a standard solution in the size you want, you can also reach out to customize a size that fits your application.

Seamless Fabrication for Industrial Applications

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Quality & Certifications

We take no shortcuts when it comes to the design and construction quality of our products and custom steel fabrications.

In 2005, our company reached a critical milestone by receiving our ISO 9001 Quality registration. This certification reaffirms our drive and commitment toward maintaining exceptional quality standards in our industry. We are currently certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards and continue to uphold our gold standard of excellence in supplier quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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