Stacking Caps and Targets

Davco Industries specializes in stacking caps, feet, targets, and receivers.  We offer a range of stamped and forged steel stacking components, in a variety of shapes like round, conical, and pyramid for a variety of tube sizes like 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, & 3” Square HSS.

Our components are manufactured using industry-grade carbon steel.  Steel stacking caps, feet, targets, and receivers make it possible to stack bins and baskets during the storage, packing, and shipping process.

What is a stacking cap?

You can find stacking caps, feet, targets, and receivers being used on shipping racks, heavy-duty carts, custom bins, and baskets. Steel stacking caps fit into the nesting targets to provide the stability you need to stack these bins, baskets, and containers on top of each other. 

What material can stacking caps be made of?

We use high-quality carbon steel to make stacking caps, feet, targets, and receivers. Steel is durable and ideal for bins, baskets, and components because it can easily be welded for a variety of applications and withstands wear and tear from shipping and packing.